Are you related to a person, who needs your help?
With Careweb you can create an overview of all
the aspects of the persons needs.

As a relative to an ill, elderly or a disabled person you might have been struggling getting an overview of things that need to be done and structuring your time. This valuable time could be used to spend with those you care for, and not just doing the practical activities?

Do you sometimes experience that you get unsure about the procedures of the care organizations involved?

Then Careweb is your solution. With Careweb, you can create an overview of all the aspects of your relatives needs. With functions like online calendar, diary and a communication tool, you will always be up to date concerning the following:

  • Coordination of visits.
  • Doctor appointments, various treatments, etc.
  • Necessary shopping, payment of bills as well as sharing out the responsibility for doing these.
  • Sharing information by use of a diary, as well as contact details for important people.

Careweb creates security and happiness for the person you take care of.

Careweb helps you fulfill the roll as a caregiver

For relatives that take care of an elderly, who depend on your help because the person can’t take care of himself or herself, can sometimes be a big challenge.

You often end up becoming the important coordinator when you take care of an elderly person. But with Careweb it makes it all easier, you can enter all the information that matters into the platform and give others access to the same information, so they also can keep up to date. This gives you the assurance that you have the overview you need.

This ensures everyone who is involved in the caretaking of the elderly person, will be informed and up to date on everything that happens around the elderly - no matter where they are. This creates a community between every part and gives security for the elderly that everything will be taken care of.

The platform makes sure you are up front and avoid unnecessary stress.

We created the platform, so you would be able to find the information you need quickly and no matter where you are. If it’s grocery shopping or renewal of prescription you find it on your Careweb platform.