The only thing you need in addition to your computer, tablet or smartphone, is a good Wifi - connection.

You rent a platform, and choose the package option that suits you best.

You can always upgrade your package option, or choose a different package that suits you better.

All information is saved on an electronic platform in ’the cloud’.

All users are sent their own individual username and password.

24 hours after your order, your platform in Careweb will be ready to use.

Everyone who has access to Careweb can set up access for their particular platform to their other chosen members. You can also choose how many members you wish to add.

Data security - our server is placed with carefully selected and approved suppliers, who have the newest facilities.

You receive an invoice for the first month (paid in advance) when you place your order. For this, there is a 10 day payment deadline.

After the invoice, you receive a monthly bill for your use of the platform. There is a 10% discount if you pay 12 months in advance.

There is one month notice period if you wish to terminate the use of your platform.

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