Careweb for elderly

Sometimes it is hard to remember appointments with for example  doctors or physiotherapist, dates when prescriptions must be renewed, etc. The list of things to keep track of and coordinate can be long.

Careweb helps you get a quick and easy overview of all the things you need to know and do. That way you never have to worry about forgetting important appointments and knowledge or losing documents you need in connection with your care.

You can bring Careweb with you wherever you go. You will always have the right documentation with you so you can show it to your doctor, your caretaker or hospital.

Careweb is also a nice way for you and your family to share your memories together, for example by uploading pictures and writing stories about your experiences together. This way you create your own, unique Careweb platform that reflects your identity and become your own personal online universe.

Image of senior man recalling old times
Image of ill grandma lying in hospital bed

Careweb for those with a disease

Careweb helps you to create a history of your treatment and write your own questions down along the way.

Do you suffer from for example Alzheimers; Careweb help you remember, cause you can use the system as an online encyclopedia.

With Careweb your family can always be kept up to date on your course of disease, this will give you and your family a safety, for you to get the best support you need.