With Careweb, you can document everything, and use more time for care

When you’re juggling many balls, Careweb is there to assure that you always have the overview you need. You can enter all the information you need into Careweb, and give those you choose access to that information. For example, when you are planning visits, Careweb enables everyone to see the plan and the options, to co-ordinate how the time is best used.

So the whole family can be kept up to date, and you can easily co-ordinate visits and share the caring. Your collaboration becomes stronger, and together you can really make a difference for the person you are caring for.

When you use Careweb, you get the assurance that everyone have all the relevant information about the person who needs the care, so that you can provide the best possible care and support for them.

You can ensure, for example, that the person you are caring for, always has the groceries they need. Careweb makes it easy to log if supplies are running low, so that you can plan shopping and ordering of fresh supplies in a timely way. This way you can use your visit time for quality contact, instead of just all the practical stuff.

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What do you need to know? You can find it on Careweb

Dates of doctor appointments, dates when prescriptions must be renewed, appointments with the physiotherapist, coordination of visits, and so on. The list of things to keep track of and coordinate can be long.

In concrete terms, Careweb enables you to gather all the information you need, for example:

  • Doctor appointments, renewal of prescriptions, and various treatment courses
  • Shopping, payments and bills, as well as sharing out the responsibility for doing these
  • Sharing information, for example, in the form of a diary, as well as contact details for important people

Careweb also makes sure you have:

  • More energy, because Careweb gives you more structure, this way you can use your visit time for quality contact instead of all the practical stuff.
  • Safety, because you know that you can gather all the important information’s in one place, and have an easy access.
  • Flexibility because you can split the responsibility and task between you and whom ever you choose to have access for Careweb.
  • Freedom to live your life and do the things you feel for.

In summary, you get security when you use Careweb. You can get rid of the knots in your stomach, and find peace in the knowledge that you and your family have an overview over the important things for the person you care about.