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Are you struggling getting an overview of your activities, structuring your time so it can be used to spend quality time with those you care for and not just doing the practical stuff? Then Careweb is the solution for you. With Careweb, you can create an overview over all the aspects of your relatives' needs.


Would you like to have a better overview of your own care, needs, your care providers and much more? Careweb enables you to coordinate and communicate with your care providers.


Care organization

You probably know what its like to use a lot of your time calling around to patients, only to have your messages unanswered? With Careweb, you can link all members of all organizations or associations involved to the same platform. This way, you can do your planning and communication directly in the system, visible to all those involved.

This is how Careweb works – for the benefit of all

Careweb is a platform that gives you peace of mind.

Careweb makes everyday life easier for you. Whether you are someone in need of care and support yourself, or whether you are a caretaker to someone who needs care and support, Careweb will make your life easier in many ways.

On your personal pages, you can upload everything that is important for you, documents, journals, pictures and comments on your everyday experiences.

The platform is also your help when you would like to have a structured, overview and close contact with all the people who are involved.

With Careweb, you can create the frame you need for your personal situation. You always have all the important information at hand, irrespective of whether you are using a computer or any mobile device, Careweb is always close to you.