We support

Careweb was developed to help people, who needed it.  “Careweb – because everyone deserve it” Not just a slogan but also a set of values that have deep roots in our organization.

In our publicize of Careweb we discovered, more and more audiences, who need a Careweb, but don’t have the financial opportunity, when the person’s position has directly led to consequences in terms of lack of time to work or directly incapacity. This often happens for relatives who have had to terminate their jobs to care for a family member. We therefore offer sponsorships to needy families or individuals, to prevent this.


If you wish to apply for sponsorship, then send Careweb's CEO Jacob A.G. Stryhn an application, in which you briefly explain you situation and give your contact information. We will contact all applicants where we will discuss the procedures for the application phases. The Application phase also includes a personal home visit.

Send the application to: jas@careweb.dk


As part of our core values and vision, we make contributions to charity or support specific help organizations. See below details of whom we have made contributions to or otherwise supported: